Orthotics tomorrow, today at your feet

Embark on the future with the Talaria Group. Combining cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are shaping the foot orthotics of tomorrow, today. With us, precision and innovation meet to bring the future to your feet right now.

Orthèses Talaria - Orthotics tomorrow, today at your feet
Orthèses Talaria - Custom made

Custom made

Created from a 3D scan of your feet, our custom orthotics eliminate any guesswork and are entirely based on your morphology.

Orthèses Talaria - Confortable


Perfect replicas of your feet, our orthotics ensure optimal comfort and are ideal for continuous daily use.

Orthèses Talaria - Sustainable


Made to last, our orthotics stand the test of time while maintaining their performance and comfort.

Orthèses Talaria - 100% recyclable

100% recyclable

We are committed to the environment. Our orthotics are fully recyclable, combining well-being and environmental responsibility.

Technology at the service of your plantar health

Talaria has developed a 100% computerized design technique for processing biometric data from your feet in order to produce foot orthoses with unrivaled precision.

Capturing your foot with a 3D digitizer, computerized design of the orthosis, 3D printing of the product, in order to have the most precise correction for your feet.

Orthèses Talaria
Orthèses Talaria

An easy-to-wear orthosis

Talaria's 3D printed orthotics are thin, delicate, durable and flexible.

They are easy to put on and comfortable, which allows you to wear them more regularly in your shoes and get all the benefits from them.

Orthèses Talaria

A dynamic orthosis

Are you athletic, do you do sustained walking over long distances or running?

Our orthotics accompany the movement of your foot in order to optimize its functioning while remaining comfortable. They prevent injuries, optimize your performance and relieve your pain.

Orthèses Talaria

An orthosis good for the planet

By combining advanced technology and environmental respect, the Talaria Group is redefining the design of foot orthotics.

Our 3D scanning process replaces traditional foam or plaster impressions, eliminating waste and associated transportation. 3D powder printing eliminates the need for thermoforming, cutting, and carving, thus further minimizing waste production. Above all, our orthotics are fully recyclable, closing the loop on environmentally respectful production and reducing our carbon footprint.

The manufacturing process

A completely rethought process for an intuitive and user-friendly experience, offering a multitude of customization options, and ensuring real-time tracking, from taking impressions to delivery to the patient.

Orthèses Talaria - 3D foot capture

3D foot capture

Our advanced 3D scanning technology captures every contour and detail of your foot. This allows us to have an accurate three-dimensional image, thereby eliminating any guesswork and ensuring an orthotic that perfectly matches your morphology.

Orthèses Talaria - Computerized prescription
Orthèses Talaria - Computerized prescription

Computerized prescription

Rich in options and possibilities, each prescription is transformed into a detailed digital plan. This allows us to create orthotics perfectly tailored to your specific needs, taking into account even your smallest requirements. The era of approximate handwritten prescriptions is over, make way for digital precision.

Orthèses Talaria - Conception


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Orthèses Talaria - Impression


Our experts use cutting-edge 3D modeling software to design your custom orthotics. Every element is carefully thought out to ensure a perfect fit and optimize your comfort and performance. We create a unique solution for each foot based on your health professional's instructions.

Orthèses Talaria - Delivery


Once production is completed, your custom orthotics are carefully packaged and shipped directly to your healthcare professional. They will be responsible for handing them over to you, thus ensuring continuity of service and optimal adaptation to your feet. Our orthotics are ready to use upon arrival, designed to immediately improve your comfort and walking, and to last over time.

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Orthèses Talaria

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At the Talaria Group, we strive to be a valuable and reliable resource for you, providing clear answers to all your questions and concerns about foot orthotics. We understand that each individual has unique and specific needs, and we are here to help you understand how our products and services can meet your expectations.

“Answers For You” is more than just an information section, it’s our promise to be a dedicated and transparent partner in your journey towards improved comfort and mobility. Don’t hesitate to visit our blog or contact us with any of your questions, big or small. We’re here for you.

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As a podiatrist, your goal is to provide the highest quality of healthcare to your patients. The Talaria Group is here to assist you in achieving this goal. Utilizing your prescription, we create custom orthotics perfectly tailored to your patients’ specific needs. We believe in a close collaboration between your medical expertise and our advanced technology. By partnering with us, you can improve the efficiency of your practice, while ensuring an unmatched level of comfort and satisfaction for your patients. The future of foot orthotics is here, and we invite you to be part of it.

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