3D printed foot orthoses

Public (en) | June 9, 2022

orthèse par impression 3D imagé

Have you heard of 3D-printed foot orthoses before? The use of 3D printing to create orthotics is a great technique to get high-quality orthopedic insoles. If you use or think you require foot orthotics, you are surely aware that significant foot discomfort is linked to mobility issues and the restriction of numerous everyday tasks, particularly in the elderly. Learn how 3D printing makes it possible to create significantly more comfortable and precise personalized foot orthoses.

What is a 3D foot orthosis?

A 3D foot orthosis, performed from a digital scan, is an orthotic produced from a 3D scan of your foot, which is  created once your complete foot has been scanned. The picture is then transferred to a foot orthotic manufacturing lab, such as Talaria’s, where it is converted into an orthotic model and 3D printed.

The advantages of 3D printing personalized orthotics over traditional orthotic production are numerous. Traditional technologies do not match the precision of 3D printing when it comes to reproducing the contour of your foot. It is feasible to model orthotics to your dimensions, down to the millimeter, by precisely scanning your foot. You will obtain a slimmer, more comfortable, and long-lasting orthotic.

You are presumably familiar with the plaster of Paris, foam box, or wax casting techniques if you currently wear foot orthotics. The process is significantly faster with 3D printing since the practitioner just positions your foot and takes an impression, then repeats the process with the other foot. The data is then sent to a foot orthotics laboratory by the professional. Ask your foot professional about 3D foot orthotics the next time you see him or her.

The benefits of the 3D foot orthosis

Wearing a 3D-printed foot orthosis gives you the support and comfort you need to go about your everyday activities without pain. Molded foot orthotics are very beneficial for relieving foot, knee, and back discomfort. In older or wounded patients, a well-fitting, custom-made foot orthosis can also help stabilize their gait. As a result, the perfect fit given by a 3D printed foot orthosis gives you peace of mind and security.

If you participate in sports, 3D printing allows you to create thin, comfy orthotics that mold to your feet properly. You improve your performance while reducing the risk of injury or making it simpler to return to sports after recovery. The 3D printed personalized foot orthosis considers the unique characteristics of your feet. The orthotic improves posture and balance by adjusting the position of the feet. The 3D print allows for extremely precise study of the whole surface and volume of the foot. The procedure is painless and quick, and it gives us the most customized foot orthotics one could possibly imagine.

Another big benefit of the 3D foot orthosis is the amount of time it saves. Indeed, digitizing your feet with a 3D scanner simply takes a few minutes, and the data is quickly delivered to the lab. As a result, you get your new plantar orthosis faster and they are even better adjusted than your previous ones.

Finally, the 3D printed foot orthosis is the most environmentally friendly option accessible. A 90% reduction in environmental impact throughout development and 100% recyclable at the end of its useful run!

Mention Talaria foot orthotics to your foot professional

Talk to your practitioner about Talaria’s 3D printed foot orthotics instead of just any foot orthotics. With 3D foot orthotics created in Quebec by Talaria, the experts in 3D foot orthotics production, you may regain your mobility and capacity to perform the activities you like.
Talaria is a Ministry of Health-certified foot orthosis manufacturing laboratory. The approach is simple and straightforward for your foot professional: he or she may scan your footprint on an iPad and submit it to us via our specially created online application. We make your unique foot orthoses in our laboratory, without the use of any middlemen, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Is your podiatrist familiar with Talaria?