4 reasons for using 3D printing for orthoses

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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A 3D foot orthosis is the result of several technologies: scanning, modeling and 3D printing. Contrary to conventional orthoses, this kind of device allows for a very high level of customization and can be tailored entirely to the morphology and condition of the patient. Here are the four significant benefits of 3D orthoses: personalized fit, optimum comfort, improved athletic performance, and pain relief.

3D orthoses are custom-made 

Talaria 3D foot orthoses are entirely custom-made, offering a high degree of personalization to the patients. The procedure is rather straightforward: following an extremely precise scan of the footprint using an iPad with a 3D sensor, the orthoses will be digitally produced using Talaria’s specialized modeling software, and then 3D printed.

The benefits of this technology include taking into account the unique characteristics of each foot, providing you with a detailed real-time visualization and more accurate results, and allowing you to create a foot model that is precise to the millimeter, all without causing your patients any pain or discomfort.

As a result, you get orthoses that are completely customized to each patient’s particular needs.

3D orthoses offer more comfort

Custom-made 3D orthoses are more comfortable since they are lighter, thinner, and more flexible than conventional foot orthoses. Thanks to the accuracy of the molding, they adjust to the individuality of the foot and its movements. They also consider the patient’s lifestyle, such as whether they run frequently, must carry heavy weights, or work while standing up all day, as well as their health condition (child, diabetic, etc.). All of this is done while utilizing cutting-edge, premium materials.

The 3D orthoses provide the essential support and correction while being completely unnoticeable once they are inserted into the shoes. They achieve the ideal mix between firmness and comfort. They give the wearer the impression that they are an essential part of their body.

3D orthoses can increase sports performance

Custom 3D orthoses for athletes will undoubtedly offer support, stability, and posture correction, but they will also enhance sports performance by lowering muscle fatigue. They improve comfort while enhancing dynamic fluidity and cushioning foot shocks. This is crucial for winter sports that place a lot of stress on the foot, like skating, skiing, snowboarding, and others.

Another benefit of customized 3D foot orthoses in sports is that they aid in injury prevention (tendonitis, stress fractures, metatarsalgia, etc.).

3D orthoses are an effective treatment for foot pain

There are many different things that might cause foot pain. It may develop as a result of trauma or a period of extreme stress, have anatomical roots, or be related to the patient’s posture. Custom-made 3D orthoses will serve as a strong foundation for the body and help ease these pains in these circumstances. They assist through enhancing balance and stability, better body weight distribution, stress absorption, as well as overall posture and foot placement.

This kind of foot orthoses will act on the patient’s pain as well as the ensuing aches and pains, particularly in the knees, hips, and back, because everything is connected.

Using 3D orthoses to give your patients’ feet the finest care possible

When designing orthoses, cutting-edge technology like 3D printing enables a more reliable, personalized, and completely customizable fit. This kind of orthoses adapt to each person’s daily activity, including sporting activities, and offer a combination of support, correction, comfort, and relief. The satisfaction of optimal medical precision is far greater than with traditional insoles.

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