Are all 3D printed foot orthotics truly custom-made?

Public (en) | June 9, 2022

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Would you like to know if all 3D printed foot orthotics are actually customized? This is a common question, particularly when considering the products offered at pharmacies. The answer to the question is no. In the area of personalized medical equipment, 3D printing of foot orthotics is unquestionably a breakthrough production process. Not all 3D foot orthotics, however, are built to order. Depending on the software utilized by foot orthosis production facilities, the degree of customisation varies. In reality, some manufacturing procedures fail to account for all of the factors that must be considered when creating fully customized foot orthotics. Continue reading to learn how to create a completely personalized 3D foot orthosis.

3D technology for foot professionals

Professionals benefit from 3D printing of foot orthotics because it allows them to provide additional services to their patients by letting them scan their feet in the clinic. When doing an evaluation for foot orthotics, the procedure starts with a physical examination of the foot and gait, as well as a few lifestyle questions to ensure that each patient is getting the correct treatment, whether they are a runner or have to stand all day at work. Most people’s feet have a normal size, although two feet are unlikely to be dynamically similar. As a result, each foot will almost certainly require a different amount of adjustment. That is why 3D printed foot orthotics may be customized to the exact specifications of each of your feet.

The brilliance of 3D foot orthotics is that they are custom-made to match the contours of each of your feet and fulfill your specific demands. A detailed imprint of your feet may be obtained by scanning the foot with an iPad equipped with a 3D sensor. The modeling software allows for the production of a fully customized digital blueprint, which will be used to manufacture 3D printed foot orthoses. As a result, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality orthotic that will offer you long-term comfort and stability.

The many kinds of 3D-printed foot orthotics

It is critical to distinguish between completely customized 3D foot orthotics and prefabricated or partially customized orthotics available over the counter. The size of the foot is used to mass-produce over-the-counter foot orthotics. They can be used as insoles for shoes or boots or as arch supports for the feet. They are obviously far less expensive than 3D foot orthotics that are totally custom-made because they are mass-produced and in large quantities. Some laboratories, on the other hand, utilize modeling software that only considers a few criteria and does not build a full 3D model. These orthotics are sometimes referred to as 2.5D and look to be custom-made, although they are not. These ones are thus called partially custom-made orthotics.

Do these prefabricated or partially personalized orthotics, however, genuinely fulfill your needs? You can get a professional examination of your feet and your needs for foot orthotics by meeting with a practitioner who is equipped with the necessary tools for taking impressions and 3D modeling.
Custom foot orthotics exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and thanks to 3D scanning, you can have foot orthotics that are completely tailored to your needs. Orthoses, for example, are used to prevent or cure specific biomechanical deficiencies in children. Diabetic foot orthotics help diabetics avoid sores and lesions caused by the condition. Athletes’ foot orthoses are made to support their feet and improve their performance. The accommodative foot orthosis is made for seniors with osteoarthritis and is intended to reduce the risk of falling. Finally, short foot orthosis is the most versatile since it may be used to treat a wide range of podiatric issues. Orthotics offered over the counter or partially custom-made can only be used for a limited number of patients.

Get fully customized 3D foot orthotics

Talaria is a company that creates custom foot orthotics. In fact, unlike some laboratories, we consider all of the factors that go into creating totally custom-made orthoses. Furthermore, our orthotics are designed by trained orthotists, and we are continuously on the lookout for new advancements in the production of fully tailored 3D foot orthotics.

Do you have an appointment? If you’d like to benefit from fully personalized 3D foot orthotics, talk to them about Talaria!