Can 3D orthoses relieve stress fractures?

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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Stress fractures can be alleviated by having the patient wear plantar orthoses. They are primarily caused by excessive or repetitive stress on the bone. In this case, 3D-designed models are even more effective than traditional orthoses because they are made to exact measurements and are molded to the individual’s foot. Let us look at how this device can treat a stress fracture in the foot.

What exactly is a stress fracture?

A stress fracture differs from a conventional fracture in that it is caused by a series of movements or actions that are too intense and frequently repeated, injuring the bone by putting pressure on it. This type of injury is common in athletes, particularly in the heel or metatarsals. Excessive practice, a lack of preparation, or a competitive environment can all lead to stress fractures, which are most common in endurance sports and require support on the feet or heavy weight lifting. Runners, in particular, are frequently affected by this issue.

Stress fracture prevention

A stress fracture causes severe pain in the bone, particularly during and after physical activity. 3D orthoses are especially effective among various treatments, such as therapeutic bandaging, ice application, or laser. These will help to rebalance the body’s position, and thus the foot’s, offering optimal support while reducing the risk of recurrence.

In addition to wearing these custom-made plantar orthoses, it is also advisable during intensive sports practice to warm up the muscles, to take rest periods between each session, and wear adapted shoes. These precautions will help to reduce the risk of stress fractures.

Using 3D-printed orthoses to treat a stress fracture

Because the 3D orthoses are perfectly adjusted to the foot because of their distinctive technology, they will be able to act on several critical points. This has an effect not only on the injured area, namely the feet, and the entire body because changing the ground support helps the other limbs adopt the proper position for optimal weight distribution.

This orthosis helps to counterbalance the pressure on the bone and correct the loads exerted on the foot in the case of a stress fracture. Because the area will no longer be overstressed, the pain will be relieved, and the risk of a new fracture will be significantly reduced.

What are the benefits of 3D orthoses?

The 3D design method for foot orthoses that Talaria employs has numerous advantages. It produces precise, long-lasting, and effective devices. This is because the foot impression is taken with a three-dimensional sensor, and the exact shape of the foot, to the nearest millimetre, is easily and painlessly reproduced. Once the data has been collected, it is sent to our laboratory for 3D printing of the orthoses using the best materials.

As a result, a custom-made orthosis is created that acts on both the pain to relieve it and a possible malformation to correct it, all while supporting the foot’s arch and optimizing its ground support.

3D orthoses: an effective stress fracture treatment

Like many other plantar pathologies, stress fractures can be relieved and even avoided by having the patient wear 3D orthoses. As a result, this device is especially recommended for people who train frequently and intensively.

If you are interested in Talaria’s plantar orthoses, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information on our products’ unique design.