Do 3D printed orthoses help correct posture?

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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Everyone has heard the instruction to keep a straight posture as a child or adolescent. But why this order? Because having good posture is a gift to the body, not only a matter of aesthetics or how one looks. Apart from making you appear better, correct posture also protects the joints, opens the chest for better breathing, and enhances the flow of energy throughout the body. 3D-printed orthoses are an excellent solution for patients who have issues with their posture.

Signs that your posture needs to be corrected

A number of symptoms are seen as indicators of inadequate body alignment. Some of the primary symptoms are lower back discomfort (lumbar area), knee pain, leg pain, and foot and ankle pain. These daily muscles or joint pains can be embarrassing and even incapacitating for those who experience them. It can also cause stress and fatigue.

In addition to the feelings, the body’s shape can also point to poor posture, as is the case, for instance, with rounded shoulders, a stooping figure, an outstretched belly, or when the head appears to be too far forward in respect to the body’s natural axis.

It is crucial to pay attention to these symptoms and, if a medical practitioner notices them, to act swiftly to identify ways to rectify the posture to stop the patient’s condition and pain from worsening.

Wearing 3D-printed orthoses can help with posture correction

Regardless of the patient’s age, wearing 3D-printed orthoses is a very effective way to correct biomechanical and postural issues. Due to the foot’s digitization and subsequent replication to the closest millimeter, they provide the highest level of precision in the tiniest detail. Using an iPad to take a custom impression is much easier and causes the patient no pain or discomfort.

The scanned image is then delivered to our labs, where it is transformed into a unique foot orthosis, and 3D printed. This revolutionary technology results in a unique, fully customized device designed specifically for the wearer’s foot. This exceptional precision is a crucial asset that will substantially aid the body in changing its posture and relieving the patient’s pain when combined with outstanding quality and excellent resistance over time.

The advantages of having a 3D-printed orthosis adjust your posture

After a short period of time, due to the adaptation of the body, wearing 3D printed orthoses will not only contribute to reducing or even eliminating the pain caused by the patient’s bad posture but also put the body back on its proper axis by working on the biomechanics, reinforcing the muscle tone and preventing the aging of the joints. They work on the foot while you forget they’re even there and are more pleasant and better adjusted than conventional orthoses. The patient can carry on with their daily tasks and athletic endeavors while the orthoses correct their condition.

In conclusion, 3D printed orthoses promise a noticeable improvement in patients’ lives on both a physical and moral level.

Using 3D-printed orthotics to correct poor posture

To address the article’s central question: yes, 3D-printed orthoses help in realigning a body that is out of a proper posture. People with foot issues, which are frequently the cause of poor posture, have distinct advantages thanks to the entirely tailored molding of the orthoses to the patient’s feet. They also allow us to provide a precise and ultra-targeted correction in response to particular needs.

Are you interested in using this kind of device for your patients if you work in foot care? If you’d like to learn more about 3D printed orthoses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts right away.