Do you experience foot pain? Foot orthotics may be of help

Public (en) | June 9, 2022

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What is the deal with foot orthotics for foot pain? Actually, it’s science! More precisely, the technology’s performance when it comes to orthotics. Foot discomfort usually arises “in the aftermath” of stress on the limbs, has a morphological basis, or is connected to posture, as we will show. High-tech orthotics designed by a foot professional and built to measure can help alleviate or even eliminate these issues. Plantar orthoses can now effectively cure your foot discomfort.

Where does foot pain come from?

There is no such thing as a single source of foot pain. There are many. Our feet, in reality, are one of the most overworked portions of our bodies: they absorb shocks from extra weight, push us through numerous physical activities, are often overly cramped in our shoes, adjust for postural imbalances, and so on. We utilize them in a variety of ways, which can lead to unpleasant discomfort or genuine foot pain in the long term. Temporary or persistent aches in the heel, fascia, toes, or ankle are possible. Nonetheless, they must be eliminated, if not decreased – e.g., by wearing plantar orthotics – since they frequently signal future health issues, including pathologies or dysfunctions.

A poorly distributed or too intense load causes joint or bone deterioration in the lower limbs, which is a fairly typical occurrence. Bad shoes, high heels, rigorous practice of particular sports, an injury that has not been properly treated… these are all strains that are placed on the foot, tensions that can lead to persistent pain or even injuries. Furthermore, certain minor skeletal irregularities result in biomechanical compensations that, over time, overstress or impair the movement of our lower limbs, resulting in foot discomfort. Finally, foot discomfort can be caused by congenital or acquired diseases such as plantar arch collapse, claw toe deformity, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, or calcaneal tendonitis. Wearing modern plantar orthoses, on the other hand, can regulate or considerably lessen these pains.

Foot orthotics as a pain reliever

Foot orthotics are a need, not a luxury. Our feet must be correctly, effectively, and healthily supported on the ground, just like the foundations of a home, which must be firm and straight in order to support the entire structure. This implies they must be able to bear the stress imposed on them by our weight without experiencing any extraordinary negative consequences, such as instability or significant bodily misalignment, or unnecessary discomfort. Custom foot orthotics increase stability and balance, properly distribute loads, facilitate natural shock absorption by our lower limbs, and assure proper posture for each body type. All of these processes keep pain and foot from being inextricably linked.

When bodily misalignments have been present for a long time, technological foot orthotics have a therapeutic impact, or at the very least a pain-relieving effect. Their curative effect is felt not only in the feet; when the body is well supported on the ground, some knee, hip, and back symptoms, among other things, tend to diminish.

Various “traditional” disorders also put the feet to the test and generate discomfort, which can be mild or severe. Inflammation of the plantar fascia, heel spur, hallux valgus, sunken arch, and hammer toe are only a few examples. A foot professional should be consulted in these situations. It is critical to have a specialist do a biomechanical examination so that foot orthotics may be given if necessary. In many circumstances, using modern foot orthotics may lead to a considerable reduction in foot pain or even elsewhere, as well as a reduction in muscular fatigue, a better gait, the ability to resume specific activities, and so on.

Talaria: the foot orthosis technology you need to know

When it comes to foot discomfort, insoles play an important role. If you experience this sort of discomfort, the most common remedy in the framework of foot treatment is to wear foot orthotics. Talaria, a Quebec-based company, produces custom-made foot orthotics that are manufactured using 3D printing technology that are accurate, thin, durable, and comfortable. They are a high-quality product due to both their materials and the method they are created (using a 3D sensor installed on an electronic tablet for clinical capture of foot morphological data). Have a discussion about it with your podiatrist or orthesist.