How well do your 3D printed orthoses fit your feet?  

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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All orthoses need some time to adjust, regardless of how expertly they are created. The rate at which your feet adjust to this new reality will depend on a number of factors. Even with a 3D cast, you must give yourself time to adapt before you experience the level of comfort you are looking for. How much time is this period? Here are some answers for you!

Do your 3D orthoses suit your feet?

Your feet will typically acclimate to your orthoses and mold to them in less than a month, or anywhere from one to four weeks. There are numerous small adjustments to make before the comfort promised materializes. It is therefore acceptable, even expected, to experience discomfort, which may include everything from leg cramps to skin irritability.

A few pointers are necessary if you want to walk with your new insoles without experiencing too many disturbances. Wearing them for longer than two hours a day or constantly during the first week is not advised. In the coming weeks, if you begin to feel uncomfortable, take a 20-minute break. Make sure you are wearing socks or stockings if you struggle with irritability. Be sure to choose lace-up or “sport” type shoes to better support your feet. An expert will be able to assist you in this matter if necessary.

Fully customized 3D orthoses that fit the shape of your feet

The extreme level of customisation offered by 3D orthoses sets them apart from conventional orthoses found in pharmacies. Because they are specifically created for the needs and precise morphology of the individual, they offer more comfort and, ultimately, quicker adoption and better support. 3D orthoses that are fitted to the shape of the foot are also lighter, in addition to providing more comfort. The goal is to integrate the orthoses into your body like a second skin that you wear without thinking about it. This is where 3D scanning technology really shines.

Adjusted 3D orthoses: the defects of 3D printing

As we previously stated, it can take one to four weeks to get used to new 3D orthoses. However, for some people, further worries could emerge during this time, which in rare instances might even result in total intolerance. Consult your podiatrist if you are still in pain after four weeks of use. Up to three months may pass before you fully experience an orthosis’ full benefits.

We advise you to wash your orthoses with a gentle soap in warm water to prevent difficulties with them that could worsen them and affect your comfort. Hot water should be avoided because it might damage them. The orthoses should then be allowed to dry naturally without being exposed to direct heat in order to prevent deformation. Also, make sure to remove them from the proximity of hungry pets!


It still takes some time and effort to become used to wearing orthoses that are tailored specifically to the shape of your foot. You must go gradually while paying attention to your body’s level of discomfort. This phase of adaptation can be quickly overcome by heeding some sound advice, caring for your orthoses, and not being afraid to ask questions. You will soon be able to resume your normal activities, such as walking. We hope that this article has clarified any questions you may have had. Do not hesitate to contact the Talaria team if you have any questions about orthoses and 3D scanning, and start taking care of your feet and your posture today.