It’s a question of comfort when it comes to winter sports and foot orthotics

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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A good strategy to avoid the pain and injuries that can come from frequent sports practice is to use orthotics year-round. Few sports activities do not involve the feet, and sliding sports, for example, are no exception. Not to mention that the cold and the necessary gear (such as cross-country ski boots, alpine ski boots, skates, etc.) add to the tension exerted on the feet. Fortunately, there are comfortable foot orthotics made specifically for winter sports.

Take advantage of the cold weather with orthopedic insoles made for winter sports

Nothing is worse than being unable to take advantage of a lovely winter day outside due to equipment… or pain. Our feet depend on technical equipment as we stroll in the snow, navigate a trail, spin on the ice, or descend a slope. The entire activity suffers if this gear is not designed for winter sports, fits poorly, or is uncomfortable. Orthopedic insoles can make up for some of those shortcomings.

Each activity, like figure skating, biathlon, snowboarding, ski jumping, or speed skating, calls for precise body movements. An increasingly sophisticated equipment, particularly in terms of boots and shoes, helps this movement in achieving its safe and ideal execution. 

Particularly in skiing, factors like aerodynamics, rigidity and flexibility, weight, and safety determine the boot’s design. Although comfort is considered, it is up to the athlete to adjust. Cramping, soreness, excessive rubbing, frostbite on the feet, etc. can occasionally become a problem. Therefore, every little thing matters to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience: warm-up, progressive tightening, thermicity of the socks, humidity removal… and, most importantly, the presence of a foot orthosis that is specifically created for the foot portion of the ski boot, ice skate, and others.

Orthosis or orthopedic boot? Here’s what’s best…

Winter boots and shoes are made warmer, more comfortable, and perfectly fitted with the often unique foot form thanks to orthotics. Additionally, they may be able to make up for the rigid shells’ lack of flexibility (ski boots, skates, etc.) and offer the greatest stability and support possible throughout extended outdoor sporting events.

Avoid opting for over-the-counter insoles. When you are a sportsperson, preventing or eliminating foot discomfort is not an easy task; an ordinary insole purchased at the shop has no orthopedic benefit. Getting a boot that is designed to fit you will prove to be much better.

Performance-wise, made-to-measure boots, skates, and shoes that are customized for the athlete’s morphology and needs are superior in high-level competition. However, this kind of specialized equipment is highly expensive. With insoles created by a podiatrist, even novice athletes can increase their comfort and maximize the performance of their gear. They can even fit these orthotics for winter sports into other pieces of equipment that have the same size and shape, preventing injuries via regular use.

Your orthotics may vary depending on the winter sport

Naturally, not every sport calls for the same gear, particularly when it comes to footwear. While downhill skiing and ice skating require stiffness and accuracy in tightening the boots or skates, snowshoeing, for instance, will be more enjoyable with warm and flexible boots.

Winter sports, in general, put a lot of strain on the foot, especially the joints. Even discomfort and pain might result from intense practice. This, of course, is all the more reason to choose orthopedic insoles that are well adapted to this type of stress. Insoles designed specifically for an athlete will always make the experience more enjoyable for them to perform, especially if they already have anatomical anomalies (arched feet, hallux valgus, plantar fascia sensitivity, etc.).

Improved athletic performance with less chance of foot injury

Athletes of various skill levels seek increased comfort and peace of mind when exercising or while enjoying the serenity of a winter hike. And the only orthotics that can provide them this assurance are those that are prescribed, completely personalized, and precisely manufactured.

Through a digital capture and 3D printing manufacturing process, Talaria provides technologically advanced and high-performance foot orthotics.

Consult your podiatrist for more information.