Les orthèses plantaires 3D pour enfants et adolescents

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

Orthèses Talaria

There are many distinctions between infancy and adolescence, but the one that stands out the most is undoubtedly the many changes that growth inflicts on the anatomy of a young body. Because the health of our feet has an impact on the structure of the entire body, posture and feet are no exception and require attention. Children, despite their young age, can experience foot pain, and the proper orthoses can help make a difference and prevent issues while promoting their growth.

Should we wait until the foot is fully developed before considering an orthotic? 

The answer is no, and you should not wait until the foot is fully formed. Instead, you should be able to recognize any potential issues as the child grows and try to address them by seeing a podiatrist. Children can experience foot pain, which could also result in leg and back pain. Therefore, it is important to watch out for any persistent discomfort. Flat, deformed, inward- or outward-pointing feet, bowed knees, limping, frequent loss of balance, excessive wear and tear of shoes, rapid fatigue, and an inability to run as fast as other children their age are some common issues to look out for.

The juvenile foot is constantly evolving and being used. Therefore, the precision of Talaria’s 3D printing technology’s 100% custom manufacture offers unparalleled assistance. Thanks to this, the orthosis can be changed quickly and effectively to offer the best support. Beware: a badly made or poorly adapted orthosis may actually make the problem that needs to be fixed worse.

Precision 3D printing to support foot development

When compared to foot orthoses purchased from pharmacies or grocery stores, 3D printed foot orthoses have a significant benefit. No other technique enables the foot to be precisely sculpted, responding flawlessly to a specific adjustment and allowing for follow-up and subsequent modifications with great ease. Since an orthosis’ effectiveness might deteriorate as a child or adolescent uses it and grows, it is crucial to continue seeking professional advice in order to always have something beneath the foot that can support the body’s weight and balance without restricting movement. In this respect, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do better than a 3D printed foot orthosis!

Proper posture starts at the feet

We can all agree that posture should be given a lot of emphasis both throughout a child’s growth and later in life as well. This is where Talaria’s manufacturing process for orthoses, which are created and printed using the actual biometric information of the foot, is particularly beneficial. By making the foot function properly, good orthoses can encourage higher muscular performance. The fundamental principle is straightforward: each component of the human body must function harmoniously with the others, especially at this critical stage of development. Finding the issues and getting the best foot orthosis for kids can make all the difference for the child when it comes to a life free of ailments that could have been avoided.


When considering foot orthoses, age is not a factor to be taken into account. If you notice issues with the child’s posture or motions, it would be a good idea to think about orthoses for kids. Do not be reluctant to seek a podiatrist’s opinion on this matter. We hope that this article has provided some answers to your queries about pediatric foot orthoses. If the need arises, do not be afraid to get in touch with your local Talaria partner; do your part to ensure your child’s feet are healthy.