Should you wear 3D-printed orthoses even if you are not in pain?

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

Orthèses Talaria

Contrary to popular belief, 3D-printed orthoses are not only for those seeking relief from specific ailments. This kind of insoles is also beneficial in cases of posture disorders, plantar deformation, or to prevent injuries because the relief from pain does not indicate the absence of a problem. Read on to learn how these absolutely customized orthoses suit the patient’s foot to improve their daily life.

Wearing 3D printed orthoses is beneficial for your body

One of the first benefits of 3d – printed orthoses is that they allow the body – the bones, muscles, and joints – to function in the best way possible, which is important because many disorders can be caused by a foot ailment. In fact, their ultra-precise adjustment will help the patient to adopt the best posture while reinforcing the tone of their muscles. The risk of injury, deformity and muscular exhaustion thus becomes lower thanks to the body’s improved positioning and smooth movements.

Please take note that this adjustment must be made gradually and in accordance with a detailed treatment plan to provide the body with enough time to adjust to the 3D orthoses and their biomechanics before being realigned.

3D printed orthoses reduce joint wear and tear

Since everything is connected, the 3D printed orthoses help to realign the biomechanics, the muscles, and of course, the joints. As such, by keeping joints from wearing out too rapidly, and by providing adequate support, optimal posture and toned muscles will slow down the aging process of your joints.

Obviously, for instance, a construction worker’s joints are put through a lot more strain if we use the example of someone who uses their body on a daily basis to do their job. This individual could thus strengthen their most demanding muscles and prevent overworking their joints by wearing 3D-printed orthoses, especially when lifting large weights. If the employee wears orthoses, these joints will be more protected than they would otherwise be, therefore shielding them from potential repetitive-use injuries.

3D printed orthoses enhance your athletic performance

The use of 3D-printed orthoses is recommended for athletes because of the benefits they provide. They will not only promote healthy posture but will also ensure that the muscles are supported and fitted in the best possible way.

Better shock absorption, smoother mobility, reduced energy loss, and more propulsion are just a few advantages of this kind of orthosis. Last but not least, Talaria’s orthoses reduce the risk of falls and other accidents that frequently occur when playing particularly intense sports.

3D printed orthoses protect against many ailments

As previously noted, 3D-printed orthoses assist in reducing the risk of injuries brought on by physical activity. Additionally, they are beneficial to those with plantar pathologies such as hallux valgus, Achilles tendinitis, fasciitis, flat or cavus feet, and other conditions. To keep this problem from degenerating, the patient should rely on 3D-printed orthoses even when they do not feel pain.

Don’t wait for the pain to get your 3D-printed orthoses

Just because a person is not in pain does not mean there is no problem, and pain is not a unique condition for prescribing 3D-printed orthoses. The orthoses not only alleviate pain but also support, correct, and protect the foot from further harm thanks to the cutting-edge technology from which they are derived. Talaria orthoses guarantee all of these benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us if you decide to offer this state-of-the-art solution to your patients.