Test your knowledge of 3D-printed foot orthoses

Public (en) | March 9, 2023

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Patients who wear advanced 3D-printed foot orthoses can enjoy a variety of benefits. Let us look at how 3D orthoses function and what their main benefits are: simplified manufacturing process, superior quality, increased efficiency, and custom moulding.

Can 3D-printed orthoses help with posture correction?

The foot has a significant impact on the body’s posture and balance, so the answer to this question is obviously “yes.” 3D-printed foot orthoses will have a positive impact on the overall biomechanics by alleviating or treating a condition and by giving the foot better support. Therefore, both adults and children who have posture issues should consider using them as a solution.

Can 3D-printed orthoses reduce the risk of sports injuries? 

No matter what level you play at, it is important to avoid injuries as much as you can. The 3D printed orthoses are a fantastic tool among those at your disposal when it comes to enhancing balance, muscle and joint function, as well as shock absorption. People who wear these foot orthoses not only experience improved performance and sports practice but also significantly lower injury risks while engaging in physical activity.

Additionally, 3D orthoses relieve foot pain and speed up the healing of any existing injuries.

Why should I take good care of my foot orthoses? 

Like with any item or garment, proper maintenance ensures a longer lifespan. 3D orthoses are no exception to the rule. Despite the fact that they are of higher quality than conventional orthotics in terms of manufacturing, comfort, materials, flexibility, and many other aspects, it is still crucial to maintain them if you want to reap the benefits of using them for as long as possible. Depending on how they are used, custom orthoses can last between seven to ten years with regular maintenance.

Another argument in favour of proper maintenance of the orthoses is the reduction of bad odours. When not in use, patients are strongly advised to take the orthoses out of their shoes to let them dry out and remove moisture. When necessary, they can also be washed by hand using the right products to prevent the growth of bacteria that can produce unpleasant odours.

Are 3D-printed orthoses more durable than conventional orthoses?

As previously demonstrated, 3D-printed foot orthoses outperform conventional models in terms of durability. The quality of the orthoses affects how long they last in addition to the maintenance that is done. As a result, the high level of accuracy provided by 3D technology allows for the design of support that takes into account both the morphology of the foot and the patient’s preferred activity. 3D orthoses will last longer because they are perfectly adapted. Not to mention the high-quality materials used in their production, which ensure a longer lifespan.

Last but not least, follow-up visits let us make sure the orthoses still fit and, if necessary, allow us to adjust them.

At what age can children wear custom-made foot orthoses?  

Children can wear foot orthoses from the age of 2 or 3. In cases of obvious pathologies (flat, deformed feet, open feet, arched knees), challenging movements (limping, frequent falls), or pain, they are a great solution to consider. Whatever the circumstance, the podiatrist must conduct a thorough initial examination to determine whether wearing orthoses is actually necessary.

You should be aware that wearing orthoses before the age of two or three could be necessary for some very specific circumstances.

Using 3D-printed orthoses to promote foot health and good posture

Based on cutting-edge technology, the 3D printed foot orthoses offer long-term relief, correction, and support for the foot and the entire body. They provide a solution that is completely tailored to the daily requirements of wearers due to their unmatched precision and excellent quality. Those who opt for this model, whether it be patients or medical staff, will reap unprecedented benefits for their plantar health.

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