The main differences between traditional and 3D printed orthoses 

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

Orthèses Talaria

The innovative, precise, high-performance, comfortable, and high-quality orthoses produced by Talaria are made using 3D technology. 3D orthoses, which are custom-made for each wearer’s foot, represent the future of podiatry and provide a wide range of advantages to both patients and medical professionals. Here are the key benefits of choosing this model over conventional orthopedic insoles.

Benefit of 3D foot orthoses: they are better at reducing pain 

The development of 3D orthoses is the product of close cooperation between the orthotist and the podiatrist, who will each do an initial examination before moving on to evaluate and select materials in accordance with the diagnosis. With the help of this collaborative effort and cutting-edge technology, it is possible to create an orthosis that is completely customized to the patient’s morphology and reacts to the pathology from which they are suffering.

The 3D orthoses are a genuine advancement in podiatric technology because of their utmost accuracy and personalized molding. These factors make it possible to repair the problem regions on the foot and the ankle and provide better relief.

Therefore, the 3D orthoses offer greater support in comparison to conventional orthopedic insoles, which results in a considerable decrease in pain that is felt on a daily basis or during certain activities that put the foot under a lot of stress.

Benefit of 3D foot orthoses: they provide a higher level of comfort  

The comfort that 3D orthoses offer is another one of the benefits they provide over conventional orthopedic insoles. Like a second skin, 3D printed orthoses help and accompany the patient in daily activities like walking normally or engaging in sports since they are more flexible, lighter, and better fitted to the foot than traditional ones.

Talaria takes the concept of comfort a step further by customizing our insoles for the season, offering 3D orthoses explicitly made to withstand the cold and be used during winter sports like skating, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

Benefit of 3D foot orthoses: they last longer

The 3D orthoses have a longer lifespan than conventional orthopedic insoles because they are appropriately adapted to the morphology of the patient’s foot. The better the quality and the more precise the molding, the longer it will take for wear to appear. This is a significant distinction since 3D orthoses may be worn for up to 10 years, but standard models can only be worn for 1 to 5.

Do take note, though: 3D orthoses need to be carefully maintained in order to last as long as possible, even though the quality and fit are greater. For the purpose of ensuring that the orthoses are still appropriate and effective, patients and foot care specialists should also arrange routine checkups.

Benefit of 3D foot orthoses: simplified design process

For both the patient and the medical practitioner, the design process of Talaria 3D orthoses offers a considerably more enjoyable experience than standard orthotics.

The use of quick, easy, and precise 3D technology, first and foremost, considerably facilitates impression taking and molding in terms of just design.

The 3D orthoses also encourage the adoption of electronic prescriptions, offer a superior quality/price ratio, and let the podiatrist and the orthotist collaborate for greater efficiency. Everything is set up to make the development process easier, including time and money savings as well as the best results.

3D foot orthoses: the future’s solution for foot health

Traditional orthotics are still helpful and widely used, but 3D orthoses are a significant advancement that more and more foot health specialists are adopting. The benefits of 3D orthoses for patients and podiatrists/orthotists alike include considerable pain reduction, better outcomes in terms of morphological correction, enhanced comfort, longer life, and a more straightforward production procedure.

If you want to learn more about this alternative, speak with your local Talaria retailer without delay.