Three significant advancements in orthotic 3D printing technology

Public (en) | March 8, 2023

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3D printing foot orthoses is a real revolution in the field of foot orthotics, which is why it is gaining popularity. This innovative technology uses cutting-edge parts and components and the best materials to precisely fit the unique characteristics of each patient’s feet. Here are the main improvements that these 3D-printed orthoses offer.

Change 1: 3D printed orthoses improve the customer experience

In contrast to conventionally designed orthoses, 3D printed orthoses provide an incredibly accurate mold. In fact, it is made with the aid of a sensor that is specifically designed for spatial acquisition and millimeter-level calculations. This is combined with software that first gathers the data, analyzes it, and then digitally recreates the precise shape of the foot. The fully automated process greatly speeds up the procedure and lowers the possibility of error.

As a result, using 3D printed orthoses benefits both the podiatrist who prescribes them and the patients who benefit from a quick and painless examination. They will enjoy customized orthoses that are perfectly suited to their morphology and requirements.

Change 2: Your patients’ feet will better fit 3D-printed orthoses

Orthoses created using 3D printing offer patients a novel wearing and design experience, as was already mentioned. It provides other notable advantages besides its extreme precision.

Extended duration

The first benefit of 3D printed orthoses is their superior durability compared to conventional orthoses. Count on 5 to 10 years for 3D orthoses, as opposed to only 1 to 3 years for traditional orthoses. This difference can be explained by the quality of the materials used for 3D foot orthoses and by a much more precise fit. These two elements significantly lessen daily wear and tear.

Of course, 3D orthoses still need to be regularly maintained by the wearer despite their longer lifespan. Last but not least, this will not prevent the podiatrist from having to follow up on a regular basis to see how the situation is developing.

They alleviate pain better

Since each patient’s specifics are taken into account during the molding process for the 3D printed orthoses, they can be made smaller and worn more frequently, which significantly reduces pain in the feet, knees, and back that is brought on by poor posture or deformity. This kind of orthoses will also play a corrective and stabilizing role for people who have gait issues, affecting not only the lower limbs but also the overall posture.

They are more comfortable 

The 3D-printed orthoses function like a second skin with a quicker adaptation time because they are completely customized to the patient’s foot. It supports and corrects without causing pain, is lighter and more flexible, and gives the patient the freedom to carry out their regular daily activities.

Additionally, it is entirely possible to make adjustments when the patient tries on the 3D orthoses, if necessary, to ensure that the patient feels completely at ease with them.

Change 3: 3D printed orthoses improve sports performance

For athletes, 3D-printed orthoses are also crucial, particularly in terms of performance. In fact, its ideal fit will facilitate greater balance, better shock absorption, and more propulsion and movement. Better supported and stabilized, the muscles will then tire less quickly during the effort, avoiding at the same time a great loss of energy and obviously possible risks of injury.

Choose 3D printed orthoses to provide your patients with the best care possible

The development of 3D-printed orthoses represents a significant advance for the orthopedic community. Since it takes into account each patient’s unique characteristics, it presents podiatrists who adopt it with an ideal solution for their patients, both in terms of quality and precision of fit, as well as less pain, more comfort, and a longer lifespan, and improved performance.

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