What are the everyday benefits of 3D orthoses for your patients?

Public (en) | March 9, 2023

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Modern technology allows for the creation of 3D-printed orthoses by digitally recreating the foot and all of its unique characteristics. They provide a number of benefits for medical professionals and are even more compelling for the patients who wear them. In this article, we will talk about the particular benefits of this kind of support for people with a variety of foot issues.

Decrease pain and increase the quality of life for your patients  

The cause of foot pain can vary, but the outcome is always the same: your patient experiences daily pain, sometimes to the point where they are unable to engage in certain activities. 3D foot orthoses are strongly advised to prevent this for a number of reasons.

They fit perfectly, which was made possible by digitally scanning the foot. This implies that they are customized to the patient’s foot and very precisely address any issues they may be having. This adaptation significantly lessens pain, sometimes even completely eliminating it. They have an impact on the feet and how they are positioned as well as a number of resulting issues, particularly relating to the knees and the back.

The comfort that 3D-printed orthoses provide as a result of their personalized design is another strong point in their favour. The more comfortable the support is, the longer it will be worn by the patient, thus doing long-term work and leading to a clear improvement in the quality of life of the patient wearing the orthoses.

Help to prevent certain problems for your patients 

The 3D foot orthoses help prevent some issues in addition to treating existing disorders and the pain they cause. They prevent simple aches or injuries from turning into real pathology. They will also provide targeted support, improved shock absorption, and perfect alignment all while working on the posture and biomechanics of the body. This is particularly beneficial for diabetics or athletes who can wear 3D-printed orthoses to provide the necessary comfort and, more importantly, prevent injuries.

Improve patients’ sports performance and posture

Let’s go back to the case of athletes, as they are an excellent example of patients for whom 3D foot orthoses are frequently prescribed.

They not only help correct and relieve pain but also give patients who frequently train a significant competitive edge. Indeed, some sports are very taxing on the lower limbs. Custom-made foot orthoses that are completely tailored to the unique characteristics of the affected foot will have a number of beneficial effects, including improved shock absorption, more effective targeted support, increased comfort, posture and lower limb function optimization, as well as better stability, and improved terrain experience.

Therefore, each of these benefits enables a noticeable improvement in athletic performance.

The benefits of Talaria 3D-printed orthoses for your patients

Talaria 3D foot orthoses offer all of these benefits and more. All of the biometric information about the feet is taken into account by our entirely computerized design process, which ensures unmatched precision by taking measurements down to the nearest millimetre. With the help of this technology, you can give your patients the best correction and care that is entirely suited to their particular requirements.

Our 3D-printed orthoses are discrete, strong, flexible, and comfortable, and they are made to be as effective as they are tailored to daily life.

Offering your patients the best solution with Talaria 3D orthoses

The well-being of your patients depends on the efficacy of the orthoses you recommend for them. By choosing our 3D-printed supports, you can be sure to meet these two requirements while also enjoying significant time savings and an optimally streamlined manufacturing process.

Do you want to provide your patients with 3D orthoses? For more information on our products and their design, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Talaria team today!