What are the side effects for some patients wearing 3D orthoses?

Public (en) | March 9, 2023

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3D orthoses are developed using advanced technology that allows us to take into account the specific needs of each patient. They are more precise, more comfortable and perfectly adjusted, and offer many benefits in comparison to traditional supports available on the market. Nevertheless, while they are of much higher quality, they may still cause some pain and discomfort. Let’s take a look at some of the possible side effects.

The side effects of using 3D orthoses 

The main side effects of 3D orthoses include discomfort and even pain, which can be experienced during the first few weeks of treatment. This is because both the foot and the lower limbs must get used to this new support and a new posture. For this reason, they should be used progressively. This is important in order to avoid possible injuries, which can range from simple soreness to tendonitis or even sprains in some cases.

If the 3D foot orthoses do not fit properly, you may also experience discomfort or pain. This is a very rare case for this type of custom-made orthosis since its manufacture is extremely precise and modelled after the patient’s foot. A follow-up with the podiatrist will therefore be essential in order to detect a possible problem stemming from the support and not from the adaptation time.

The design of 3D orthoses design reduces side effects

One of the many benefits of 3D foot orthoses is that they carry a significantly lower risk of side effects than conventional orthoses or even basic custom designs. In fact that they are the best-fitting supports available on the market today.

Much of this is explained by the manufacturing process for 3D orthoses, which involves taking an impression with millimetre-level accuracy using a 3D sensor mounted on an iPad. The data gathered is used to create a digital mould, which is then sent to the manufacturing lab. By increasing precision and using supports that are entirely modelled after the patient’s foot and its unique characteristics, we significantly reduce the risk of human error.

You still need time to adapt to 3D orthoses

As previously mentioned, despite being superior to conventional models, 3D orthoses still need some time to adapt. This time can range from one to two weeks, depending on the patient and the issue being treated.

The 3D foot orthoses must be worn progressively and not all day long from the beginning. Going in progressively is necessary to avoid upsetting the body abruptly and to slowly get the feet and lower limbs used to this new correction. During this time, patients frequently feel minimal discomfort, which is completely normal. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled after the adaptation period to assess whether the orthoses are functioning properly or not.

Finally, it is crucial that the patient adheres strictly to the treatment plan set forth by the podiatrist in order to shorten this adaptation period.

Other benefits of 3D orthoses for foot health professionals 

Health care professionals can benefit from 3D orthoses in a number of ways. The initial impression is much simpler and quicker, which causes less stress for the patient and, consequently, for the podiatrist. The digital image and the used sensor also provide a more accurate and clear representation of the required corrections.

The manufacturing time is also faster (5 to 10 days) since the data collected is sent directly to the laboratory, which can then proceed to the design, avoiding tedious round trips. Similarly, the laboratory and podiatrists can communicate much more effectively thanks to 100% computerized prescribing.

3D orthoses have significantly fewer side effects

Ultimately, these side effects are common and are explained by the fact that 3D orthoses require the body to adjust gradually. With this kind of support, mistakes are remarkably rare and are easily fixed.

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